And they’re off! The Slug Derby

Rainy day activities 🌧 Whilst a drizzly day might put you off going outside, it’s actually the perfect weather for some brilliant fun! Damp, dark conditions are ideal for finding slugs, snails and worms.

Why not go on a hunt and then set up your own race? We couldn’t find any snails 🐌 so went for a slug race instead – who knew they could be so speedy? Slugs always get a bit of bad press but it was fascinating to see them shrinking and then stretching to such differing lengths, changing direction and climbing over each other.

We did this with friends and one said to me, “Thank you for showing me that slugs can be fun’” 🥰🥰 My work here is done! If you fancy giving this a go, mark out a starting circle then draw increasing sized circles until your finishing circle. This way you’ll know who is in the lead whichever direction they head. Around the finishing circle each team can choose something to entice their racer to the outside – we tried greenery but actually the winner always headed for the pile of dirt. Remember that you don’t want to keep your racers out for more than 15 mins before returning them to a lovely damp, sheltered place. On your marks, get set, GO 🏁


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