Bringing stories to life

We’ve been reading Hansel & Gretel and basing some of our learning on the story this week. I’d forgotten how brutal the old school fairy tales can be! 

Today, my son and I created a woodland scene inspired by the story. I’ve not done this before and it was such a lovely way to get to know the story and discuss it whilst working away so we’ll definitely be doing it again.I was seriously impressed by his attention to detail and the lovely ideas he shared.

He wanted it to be nighttime so it was more spooky and he was adamant that he wanted the fire the father lit to be in it. I soon realised this was because he wanted to add a real fire and I eventually persuaded him that this one from leaves would be a bit safer! I wasn’t allowed near the witches house made of gingerbread and sweets and he spent ages getting it right – he even included a cage in it which I thought was brilliant. At one point he added a tiny little padlock and key but it had disappeared before I got a photo of it. I love that he added a path with the pebbles that Hansel had dropped to help them find their way home. We used our Schliech animal stash and he chose which ones there might be lurking in the woodland along with a few giant minibeasts! There’s lots of frogs and lizards near the witches house because he insisted she’d need them for all her spells! 

My daughter had a big strop when she saw it as she’d chosen not to get involved and was cross when she realised how fun it had been 😆


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