Dying to have fun

Every now and again you try an activity that has everything you love in it! We were inspired by our Mud & Bloom subscription box to try a bit of blackberry tie dye last week and it was an absolute sensory delight. 

We started with a forage for blackberries which is one of the loveliest activities on its own. Once we’d collected enough we boiled them up with water and a little salt. We had to do this in the kitchen at home but imagine how magical it would be to do this over the fire pit 🔥 – that’s our plan for next time. We had been provided with a bag each and string and once we’d wrapped and tied them up we dunked them in our dye and left them for a few minutes. Then just rinse in cold water and hang to dry. 

The bags were quite stiff so our first attempt, whilst beautiful, didn’t leave the contrast we’d hoped for. We tried again with thinner fabric and it worked a treat. We then couldn’t resist trying again with a turmeric dye which gave the most stunning colour that looks like sunshine and makes us feel happy! 

The experience involved all their senses and lots of different processes including fine motor skills and patience. There was lots of questions and experimenting and my children have homemade bags that they love and have been taking to the beach to collect their treasures in 💚

Id love to know what other natural dyes you’ve tried and loved as I feel we’ll be doing this again and again. Any recommendations? 

Bizi – https://www.instagram.com/discoverysprouts/

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