No frogs were harmed during this activity! 🐸

A little bit of fun for half term when a favourite toy was frog-napped and a ransom note arrived. This experiment visually explains chromatography – though afterwards my kids are still none the wiser! I don’t even think my son can pronounce it 😆 However, what they did discover is that learning can be a great big adventure! 

The children were told that the ransom note had got wet and the colours and patterns this made were the evidence they needed to find the bad guy. I presented them with a pile of black pens and the name of the suspect that each one belonged to. Their role as detective was to work out which pen was used so they could apprehend the culprit and rescue the frog. By using the pens and putting the kitchen roll in water they were able to identify which ink had the same pattern as their note. 

If your kids are into role play and adventure (& baddies!) they are going to love this. Mine were totally into it and we played it over and over with different toys and different baddies- make sure you have plenty of kitchen roll! 

Amazingly, I then asked them to write up a crime report and they both did so completely independently 😵 This does not happen often in my house! I just wrote a few simple questions for them to answer – What crime was committed? Who were the suspects? How did you solve the crime? Whodunnit? 

This brilliant activity is from my friend Julie who has now set up her own page on Instagram @primarylearningandplaying so be sure to follow her for some more great ideas!

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