Hapa Zome

Anyone feeling frustrated today? Totally over lockdown, tired of homeschooling and just wanting to give their friends and families an actual hug instead of keeping their distance? 🖐 Don’t just save this one for the kids then. 

Our kids need an outlet for the frustration, anxiety and anger that they’re probably feeling right now, whether they understand why they are feeling it or not. Even if they’re feeling completely fine, which I hope they are, it’s hard for us to keep up with their need for physicality and exertion when we’re not allowed out very much, especially if you’re in a small space. This is a great opportunity to get physical, release some frustration and create all at the same time. And kids love using real tools so this is a win-win. 

Hapa zome loosely translates as ‘leaf dye’ and is a Japanese art form. It involves bashing plants to release their natural pigments onto cloth. It is great fun and you really do have to bash hard! 

We cut up old sheets and pillowcases for this or use any plain white fabric you’ve got. Once, when we didn’t have anything around, my daughter found an old plank of wood to do it on and it looked beautiful. Grab some leaves or flowers that look ‘juicy’ and a hammer or mallet. There’s lots of ways to do this – fold your fabric in half to make a mirror image or use an old plastic folder over the top to create a picture over the whole thing. Then just start bashing – some plants will immediately start to release their dye, others will need a lot of smashing!


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