Inside out – World Book Day

It’s a pretty grey and wet World Book Day and while many children in school may be dressed up for the annual literary feast there will be many, still remote learning, who aren’t. While those parents might well be breathing a sigh of relief at not having to build an elaborate papier mache “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” head, their offspring probably view things a bit differently. Kids LOVE dressing up as their favourite characters and sharing the stories they enjoy with their friends. For one day a year, the focus of reading in school is FUN. It’s not about comprehension, or fact gathering, or quiet time but sharing the pleasure of escaping into another world through the portal of print on paper.

There is something magical about that transportation that only happens when you curl up with a favourite book. And while today is cold and damp in the real world, there are lots of outdoor adventures to be had from stories old and new. The Royal Forestry Society has a list of 20 Books for Woodland Learning aimed at younger children and full of wonderful tales to inspire outdoor play. Whether it’s making houses for the Three Little Pigs or following in Stickman’s footsteps, this list will provide all sorts of opportunities for creative, imaginative, thoughtful activities.

Older children too might answer the call of the wild with some den building and a handmade bow and arrow. From Swallows and Amazons to The Hunger Games, there is endless inspiration for outdoor adventuring to be found in their favourite stories. Bringing well loved tales into their play provides a framework and sparks their imaginations. The outside is just waiting to be explored from within the pages and vice versa.

So what are you waiting for? Get inside out…or should that be outside in?

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