Jurassic Larks

You can’t go wrong with a dinosaur swamp! 🦕🦖 🦕🦖
Dinosaurs have that magical blend of being real but also a bit imaginary and that’s a heady mix for kids that can take their imaginary play to a whole new level. Once their interest is sparked with some pretend adventures you can use it to take their learning even further. I had the pleasure of sharing this swamp with a little expert this week and all of us left with a ton of Dino know-how!

Here are a few simple ideas for getting started with dinosaurs! 
Dino swamp – just sand, rocks, logs, sticks and dinos. Add water, bubbles and green food colouring. 

Dinosaurs are fantastic for sorting and grouping. Think biggest to smallest, if they move on 2 legs or 4, are they herbivore, carnivore, omnivore? I’m sure there are many more complex categories to explore once you get into the facts.

Play dough fossils (use salt dough if you want them to garden to keep.)You can also encourage your kids to create a dinosaur world by collecting natural treasures and sticking them in play dough. 

Dinosaur hatching eggs – pop a tiny figure in a balloon, fill with water and freeze. Remove the balloon and let your kids try and help them hatch with warm water, salt and tools. 

Make bones from salt dough and once they’ve set, bury them for the kids to excavate! 

Use a stencil and flour to make giant dinosaur footprints in the woods. 

Bizi – https://www.instagram.com/discoverysprouts/

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