Lockdown Lantern

Here’s another idea of how to use your pressed flowers and leaves. I’ve been wanting to make a lantern during lockdown as they always make me think of positivity; letting the light in to challenge the darkness. (I’ve also always wanted to be the kind of family that lights candles every evening and read together. Instead we’re the kind who’s kids just want to watch Harry Potter and resist bedtime at all costs so maybe I thought this would help!!! It didn’t 😆)

We used modpodge to cover our jars, stuck the flowers and leaves on and then immediately coated over them to seal them. My daughter pointed out that it was a bit like doing papier-mâché and she’s exactly right so if you’ve done that before you’ll know the drill. I’m sure glue would work just as well. The kids loved doing this and could hardly wait for them to dry so we could try them out with the candles in. They got very slap happy with the modpodge but I really love how it’s given such a textured effect. 


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