Mud, Glorious Mud

Simple mud paint. This is always great fun and so easy to set up. The process of mixing your mud to the right gloopy texture is when the real magic happens. What child doesn’t love to mix and stir mud! You can then set up simple invitations to create pictures. 

For the hedgehogs I just drew on the nose and encouraged the children to find something in the woods that they could use to paint spikes with. 

For the Gruffalo we told the story and then I had prepared cut out shapes for them to add the features. For this the mud was glue as well as paint. 

Try making your own nature paint brushes with sticks, string and natural treasures. 

Mud is great for potato printing with. 

You can just splat mud to see what pictures you can make. Maybe add googly eyes to make mud monsters. 

How have you used mud as an invitation to create art?

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