Repeating patterns

A little bit of fun with repeating patterns. This is an idea from @muddly_puddly (who by the way, if you’re not following already, I don’t know how you’re surviving lockdown!) My pictures aren’t so clear as I used pencil for the grid, but hopefully you get the idea. Just set a ‘code’ aka a repeating pattern, but being a code breaker is just way more fun if you’re 4. Once you’ve laid out your path from the start point to the finish using your code/pattern, then fill out all the other squares in the grid randomly.

Invite your littles to follow the code and find their way from start to finish. My advice – make a smaller grid 😆 Or make your squares bigger! I struggled to find enough small parts to complete ours but I did set up 2 so mine could do it together. The addition of rosemary as an emergency extra was actually inspired as the scent was amazing! The most fun part of this was after the kids cracked their code they then got to create new ones for each other which they loved.

Repeating patterns nailed!


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