Super Sleuths

We had some fun on VE Day playing super sleuths 🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️ We mixed up a little map reading with deciphering morse code and secret messages in invisible ink! It was a lot of learning but it was hidden in a lot of fun.
I (very badly!) put together a map of our outside area with a key for them to be able to identify all the different areas. This was similar to a mapping activity our school had set which I thought lended itself to being more experiential. And using a location that is familiar helps it make more sense in the beginning. I plotted 6 hiding places and hid a letter in morse code in each of those places. 

From the starting point I gave simple instructions such as ‘Go 4 squares North’ ‘Go 1 square South and 2 squares West’. Once they had found all 6, it was time to decipher the code as the letters spelled out the location of the treasure. However, there was one more surprise – the actual hiding place was on a note but it was written in invisible ink! More on that in the next post as it was great fun. 

The best thing about this activity – although it took a while to set up – is they’ll learn even more each time they play it. The kids want to replicate it now by setting each other challenges. They will start plotting their own hiding places which means they’ll have to work out co-ordinates and directions for each other as well as leaving the coded clues that will need to be deciphered. I’m looking forward to being out of lockdown and taking this game out and about with a real map and compass. 


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